Block B: Busting Out

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Block B Basic Info

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Seven member group Block B (short for Block Buster) debuted in 2011 under the Brand New Stardom label.  Group members Zico (Woo Ji Ho), Taeil (Lee Taeil), B-Bomb (Lee Min Hyuk), Jaehyo (Ahn Jae Hyo), U-Kwon (Kim Yu Kwon), Kyung (Park Kyung), and P.O. (Pyo Ji Hoon) have made a mark in Kpop due to their rapping and performing skills.  

The group is no stranger to controversy: In 2012, the group was embroiled in a language -misinterpretation debacle over their comments about Thailand citizens during the aftermath of a major hurricane; and in 2013, the group sued Brand New Stardom and left the company, signing on with Seven Seasons later that same year. The group continues to be active with their new company.