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Fin.K.L Basic Info

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Fin.K.L. (Fine Killing Liberty) is a four-member female group managed by DSP Media.  The original members were Annie Lee, Lee Jin, Ock Joo Hyun, and Sung Yu Ri. Before Fin.K.L debuted, Annie Lee left the group, and Lee Hyori was discovered and completed the group.  Fin.K.L debuted in May of 1998. Their debut contemporaries include legendary male Kpop group Shinhwa and influential hip-hop group 1TYM.

Fin.K.L. has the distinction of being one of the earliest Kpop groups that had direct input from Kpop fans before they debuted - before the group was created, DSP Media consulted a group of young people, who chose the group’s name.  After their debut, Fin.K.L was consistently popular, riding the wave with other well-received girl groups like S.E.S. and Baby V.O.X.  The group unofficially disbanded in 2002, and the members focused on their own careers. Lee Hyori went on to start a successful solo career, while members Sung Yu Ri and Lee Jin work as actors and television hosts, respectively. Ock Joo Hyun started a yoga studio, and more recently began working in radio. In 2005, the group reunited to release a digital album, titled Return of Queens.