SHINee: It’s Another World

Basic Info

SHINee Basic Info

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SHINee debuted in 2008 under the S.M. Entertainment label. During the same year, U-KISS, Davichi, and 2AM also debuted. SHINee has five members: Onew (Lee Jinki), Jonghyun (Kim Jonghyun), Key (Kim Kibum), Minho (Choi Minho) and Taemin (Lee Taemin). Known for their emotional songs, avant-garde fashion, and mastery of difficult choreography, SHINee call themselves a contemporary band who aims to set music, dance, and fashion trends around the world. While they have mastered several music genres, each of SHINee’s concepts offer something new to their fans and their craft. Their creativity helps them live up to their name, which is a mixture of the English word SHINE and  the Korean noun suffix -ee (-이), meaning “receive”  and holistically means “the ones who receive light.”

SHINee had a strong debut, winning MAMA’s Best Male Rookie Award in 2008 and two Bonsang Awards soon after, along with other music and cultural awards. SHINee earned their first solo concert in 2010, where they performed two sold-out showsin Tokyo’s Yoyogi National Gymnasium.  In 2011, SHINee debuted in Japan. They are currently active, participating in global and Korean Hallyu concerts, preparing for an upcoming album, and continuing their concert tours in Korea and Japan.