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4Minute is a female group with members Ji Hyun (Nam Ji Hyun), Ga Yoon (Heo Ga Yoon), Ji Yoon (Jeon Ji Yoon), Hyuna (Kim Hyuna) and So Hyun (Kwon So Hyun). Since their debut in 2009, the group has been signed with Cube Entertainment.

In 2010, 4Minute also debuted in Japan, signing with Far Eastern Tribe Records (Universal Music Group) to facilitate their launch. That same year the group began touring in Japan, with stops in Tokyo and Osaka. In addition to their solo tours, the group has also represented Hallyu in several countries outside of Asia, including Australia, France, and the United States.  

4Minute has also been recognized for their talent, winning the several newcomer/rookie awards soon after their debut and garnering the Bonsang Award at the 2011 and 2012 Seoul Music Awards.

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