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BoA (Kwon Bo A) is a female solo artist who is known as the Queen of Korean popular music. Her stage name is a backronym of her birth and middle names (Bo A), standing for Beat of Angel or Best of Asia. In 1998, BoA was discovered by SM Entertainment when she attended a talent search with an older sibling. She has been signed with the company since her training and debut at age thirteen in 2000, and her career is one marked by astounding international commercial success and longevity.

After BoA debuted in Korea, she almost immediately took on the Japanese market as well, signing with Avex Trax and the flooding the country with Japanese versions of her popular Korean-language singles.  She is one of only three artists to have numerous consecutive number one hits on the Japanese music chart Oricon.

BoA has won numerous awards for her music. In 2010, BoA celebrated a decade-long career in the Asian entertainment industry.  She continues to tour, write songs, and produce music in addition to providing leadership, guidance, and opportunities for creative expression as one of the most senior artists in the SM Entertainment company.

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