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Brown Eyed Girls (B.E.G.) is a four member group currently signed with Nega Network. Members include JeA (Kim Hyo Jin), Miryo (Jo Mi Hae), Narsha (Park Hyo Jin) and Gain (Son Ga In) and former member Yoari (Kang Mi Jin), who left before B.E.G. debuted in March 2006.

B.E.G. began as a group with an R&B concept, and after their first album they updated their focus to popular dance music. In addition to their early ballads, B.E.G. is well-known for the choreography for their popular singles “Abracadabra” and “Sign.” The group is also known for their higher than average age in Kpop - the group’s maknae (youngest member), Gain, was born in 1987.


Soon after their debut, B.E.G. won several awards, including Seoul Music Awards and MAMAs. In addition to their group work, B.E.G.members have also released individual projects, and in 2010 the group debuted in Japan.

Basic Info