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KARA is a five member group signed with DSP Entertainment. In 2007, the group originally debuted with an R&B concept with four members Gyuri (Park Gyuri), Sunghee (Kim Sunghee), Seungyeon (Han Seungyeon) and Nicole (Nicole Jung), but after their first album promotion, Sunghee left the group due to parental pressures. After Sunghee’s departure, DSP Entertainment changed the group’s concept to a cute and playful one and added two new members: Hara (Goo Hara) and Jiyoung (Kang Jiyoung).  The concept change proved successful for the group with the song “Pretty Girl” solidifying KARA as a popular group in Korea. In 2010, the group prepared for and successfully completed their Japanese debut, starting with the single “Mister.” The song was very popular in Japan and the song’s choreography is now famous for its “butt-dance” move.

In January 2011, four KARA members brought forward a lawsuit to DSP Entertainment for contract termination, claiming a denial of fair profit sharing and being misinformed about the details of their Japanese debut. DSP Entertainment announced the group members were paid a fair sum each (300,000,000) and refuted other accusations. The lawsuit was resolved in April 2011.

As a reflection of their successful Korea and Japanese careers, KARA has won several awards, from Best Newcomer to Bonsang Awards in both countries. In 2012, KARA also became the first group to have dolls made in their image and sold. KARA remains active, preparing for concert tours and showcases and producing music for their fans.

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