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Seo In Young (also known as Elly) is a solo Kpop artist who is also known for her acting, dancing, modeling, and MC work. Originally a member of the girl group Jewelry, Seo In Young made her solo debut in early 2007, signing with the Star Empire Entertainment Label. Seo In Young has a high fashion image, and she has won several awards for her fashion sense and vocal style. She also gained immense popularity when she appeared on the show We Got Married, posing as rapper Crown J’s “wife.” The situations the pair found themselves in, along with Crown’ J’s consistent reminders that he hails from Atlanta, Georgia, garnered the pair the nickname, “Ant Couple.”

In addition to We Got Married, Seo In Young has hosted a season of Music Bank and participated in several other reality shows. She also is the main host for a 2012 television show titled Star Beauty Show.

In 2012, Seo In Young completed her contract with Star Empire Entertainment and started a private entertainment business called IY Company.

Basic Info