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U-KISS is a seven member group that is signed with NH Media. The group debuted in 2008 with members Xander (Alexander Lee Eusebio), Kibum (Kim Kibum/Allen Kim), Soohyun (Shin Soo Hyun), Kiseop (Lee Ki Seop),  Eli (Kim Kyoung Jae/Eli Kim), Kevin (Kevin Woo/Woo Sung Hyun) and Dongho (Shin Dong Ho). In 2011, Kibum and Xander left the group and were replaced with current members AJ (Kim Jae Seop) and Hoon (Yeo Hoon Min).

U-KISS is known for their international leanings, which is implied in the meaning of their name (Ubiquitous Korean International Super Star). Current and former members are known for their multilingual skills (former member Xander can speak seven languages, Eli can speak three, Dongho can speak two, Kevin speaks English, and former member Kibum speaks Japanese). Along with producing and performing their music, U-KISS has held several concerts, won numerous awards, and participated in several reality shows that show the different sides of their personalities.

U-KISS officially debuted in Japan in 2011. In late 2012, AJ went on hiatus to begin his college education at Columbia University in the United States. He returned from his hiatus in early 2013. 

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