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This music video employs a main set and intertwining story line, starring Junhyung as the protagonist. He starts out writing in a journal, and then goes meandering across Seoul, and eventually ends up in a desert. In between these plot sequences the…

Fiction and Fact Album cover, Accessed July 11th, 2011, Catalogued by: Bianca Flowers

So Beast Album cover, Accessed July 11th, 2012, Catalogued by: Bianca Flowers

Similar to the Korean version of Shock, the Beast members find themselves in the same warehouse and with similar props, except with different styling and different individual shots. The raps are still in Korean, while the main verses of the song are…

My Story Album cover, Accessed July 11th, 2012, Catalogued by: Bianca Flowers

In their first plot driven music video, the Beast members take on a younger look as they act as high school students who contend in several dance battles. Members Junhyung, Yoseob, and Dongwoon serve as the main dance crew. As they start dancing, the…

The Beast members find themselves switching sets between a junkyard and a snowy plain, singing of a past love (presumably dying/dead). As much as they want to let her go, they cannot seem to forget about her.

Choreographed by: Haw (Prepix) and…

Mastermind album cover, Accessed July 12th, 2012, Catalogued by: Bianca Flowers

This music video centers on the individual members of Beast with a gray-scale green screen generated backdrop of several city scenes. The members sing to their ex-girlfriend about how their friend asked to date her. They express their split feelings…

Shock of The New Era Album Cover, Accessed July 11th, 2012, Catalogued by: Bianca Flowers
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