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My Story Album cover, Accessed July 11th, 2012, Catalogued by: Bianca Flowers

Similar to the Korean version of Shock, the Beast members find themselves in the same warehouse and with similar props, except with different styling and different individual shots. The raps are still in Korean, while the main verses of the song are…

So Beast Album cover, Accessed July 11th, 2012, Catalogued by: Bianca Flowers

Fiction and Fact Album cover, Accessed July 11th, 2011, Catalogued by: Bianca Flowers

This music video employs a main set and intertwining story line, starring Junhyung as the protagonist. He starts out writing in a journal, and then goes meandering across Seoul, and eventually ends up in a desert. In between these plot sequences the…

The Beast members clad in white once more, they find themselves in a similar setting to that of the original Bad Girl music video. Differences which can be noted are styling, room changes, and more auto tune. The raps in this track are in Korean,…

Part two of Beast's "Beautiful" music video. This has the same formatting of Beautiful and continues the plot. The song is also very similar to that of Beautiful, as they sing to their girlfriend about how much their love her.

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A special Valentines Day gift from Beast to B2UTY, this music video features a finger-skateboarder going through many obstacle courses and performing tricks on a tiny skateboard. Meanwhile, the members show a slick and mature side of themselves while…

This is a short video starring member Dongwoon as the main character. The scene plays out with him driving in his car trying to find his girlfriend, who he suspects went back to her previous boyfriend.

Catalogued by: Bianca Flowers

midnight sun.jpg
Midnight Sun Album Cover, accessed July 4, 2014, Cataloged by: Kaetrena Davis Kendrick.
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