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This video features various love stories intertwining between Super Junior and switches back between individual shots, group singing shots, and dancing clips.

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Super Junior and TVXQ collaborate in this uplifting Holiday themed song and music video. The video is a collection of behind-the- scenes clips and a staged jam session between the two groups.

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This video utilizes a grey-scaled set and switches back between individual shots and room changes. The dance is the main focus of this music video, which if studied closely, resembles choreography as seen in many Bollywood movies.

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The video begins with sensual gestures and slow, soft music. It processes into a classic Super Junior video, utilizing various rooms, close up shots, and mainly focuses on their signature "sorry sorry" dance. The entire video is shot in black and…

Dance Version 1 of A-CHa. This video features the "shaky cam" which was seen in some dance sequences in the original MV.

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Super Junior and Girls' Generation wander the streets of Seoul, showing off many of the premier sights which the city has to offer.

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The members of Super Junior walk the streets of Seoul dressed in Red Devils soccer shirts in support of the Red Devils Korean soccer team for the 2010 World Cup. Some dance elements of "Sorry Sorry" are used in the chorus.

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With funky outfits, some room changes, and catchy yet simple hook choreography, Mr. Simple is the perfect example of a classic Super Junior video.

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While this video was not officially produced, it shows clips of Super Junior performing at their Super Show Concert in Seoul and making-of clips for Mr. Simple.

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The members of Super Junior are seen in a lit up white room in black studded suits. Clips vary between close ups, slow-motion shots, dance shots, and props are used to a minimum. Heechul and Siwon do not appear in the dance versions or clips, as they…
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