U-KISS, “Bring it Back 2 Old School” (2009)


U-KISS, “Bring it Back 2 Old School” (2009)


Bring it Back 2 Old School Album Cover, Accessed February 3, 2013, http://my-music-lounge.blogspot.com/2010/05/u-kiss-bring-it-back-2-old-school-mini.html

Cataloged by: Kaetrena Davis Kendrick.

Date of Release

February 3, 2009

Country of Release



NH Media

Track List

1. Intro (On Fire)
2. 니가 좋아; I Like You
3. Talk to Me
4. 니가 좋아; I Like You (Instrumental)




“U-KISS, “Bring it Back 2 Old School” (2009),” KPOPIANA, accessed July 23, 2024, https://kpoparchives.omeka.net/items/show/1334.


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