SHINee Fan Culture


SHINee Fan Culture


The Pearlescent Blue Ocean (Shawols waving glowsticks at a SHINee concert), Accessed July 4, 2012,

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Fan Name


Meaning of Fan Name

“Shawol” is the shortened form of the official name given to the fans by SHINee, based off the romanized hangeul for “SHINee World”: “sha-i-ni” + “wol-deu”

Fan Color

Pearlized Sky Blue


Onew: Dubu, Ondubu, On-Leader, Tokki (Rabbit*)
Jonghyun: Bling Bling, Jjong, Puppy Jjong, Dino-Jjong, JaMong Dinosaur, Dog*
Key: Almighty Key, Key Umma, Key Omma, Fox*
Minho: Flaming Charisma (Charismatic Flame), Dibidibidis My Name is Minho (alt: Dibidibidis; alt: My Name is Minho), Cow*
Taemin: Energetic Taem, Powerful Taem, Taeminnie, Makdoongie, Baby Taemin, Taeman, Handy Boy, Cat*

* These nicknames were given to SHINee members from SM Entertainment staff. They are based on physical and personality characteristics of each member. Variations of these nicknames (e.g., "Puppy Jjong," "Tokki") appear in fan communication channels, and SHINee members will sometimes refer to their SM totem.

Couple Names

2Min = Taemin + Minho
JongHo = Jonghyun + Minho
JongKey =Jonghyun + Key
JongTae = Jonghyun + Taemin
MinKey = Minho + Key
OnHo = Onew + Minho
OnHyun = Onew + Jonghyun
OnKey = Onew + Key
OnKen = Onew + Chicken
OnTae = Onew + Taemin
TaeKey = Taemin + Key

Name of Fans of Individual Members

Onew – M.V.P’s (from Onew’s line in “Noona Neomu Yeppo (Replay)”: “Noona, you’re my M.V.P.”)
Jonghyun – Blingers (from Jonghyun’s nickname)
Key – Lockets (a clever play on words, keys open locks)
Minho – Flamers (from Minho’s nickname)
Taemin – Taemints (from around the same time of “Noona Neomu Yeppo (Replay),” Taemin carried candies to give to SHINee’s noona fans, so Taemin + Mint candies = Taemints)

Unique Fan Terms

Onew Sangtae – this term was created by the other members of SHINee to describe his most unique character trait: “It is when Onew does something or says something on PURPOSE with an intention to make people laugh. E.G. Body gags, weird eye movements, weird body movements, weird sounds, sudden out-of-context words. However, most of the time, it ends up making the situation awkward.” (from  Click here to watch several clips of classic Onew Sangtae!

Hyungwhore – a term netizens came up with to describe Minho’s tendency to befriend hyungs (“older brother to a male” in Korean) in many of the other idol groups. The hyung Minho spends the most time with is Changmin from TVXQ.  Click here to watch a video of SHINee backstage at one of TVXQ!’s concerts on their 3rd Asia Tour – Minho is very happy to be hanging out with his hyungs Yunho and Changmin!


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