Shinhwa Basic Info


Shinhwa Basic Info


"Shinhwa's Comeback Track 'Sniper' Tops 5 Music Charts!" Accessed july 15, 2016,

L to R: Eric Mun Jun Jin, Andy, Min Woo, Dong Wan, Hyesung

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Meaning of Name

Korean word for myth or legend


Eric Mun (Mun Jung-Hyuk), Leader

Lee Min Woo

Kim Dong Wan

Shin Hye Sung (Jung Pil-Kyo)

Jun Jin (Park Choong-Jae)

Andy Lee (Lee Sun-Ho), maknae

Debut Date

March 24, 1998



Artist Social Media

Artist/Group Official Website(s)


SM Entertainment (1998-2003)

Good Entertainment (2003-2011)

Shinhwa Company (2011-present)


First Live Concert: The First Mythology (2001)

Second Live Concert: The Everlasting Mythology (18 – 20 April 2003)

Winter Story Tour 2003-04 (31 December 2003 to 14 February 2004)

Winter Story Tour 2004-05: Shinhwa Live in Seoul (December 2004)

Shinhwa – 2005 Japan Tour – Osaka (21 January) and Tokyo International Forum (23 January)

Tropical Summer Story Festival (June 2005)

Shinhwa 2006 Asia Tour: State of the Art – Seoul (13–14 May), Shanghai (8 July), Busan (15 July), Bangkok (19 August), Singapore (10 September), Tokyo (24 September) and Osaka (26 September)

2006 Japan Tour Inspiration#1 in Tokyo – Nippon Budokan, Tokyo (September 2006)

Shinhwa Must Go On: 10th Anniversary Live in Seoul – Olympic Gymnastics Arena (29 and 30 March 2008)

2012 Shinhwa Grand Tour: The Return (2012)

2013 Shinhwa Grant Tour: The Classic (2013)

2014 Shinwha 16th Anniversary Concert: Here

2015 Shinhwa 17th Anniversary Concert: We

2016 Shinhwa 18th Anniversary Concert: Hero


2000 SBS Gayo Award: Popularity Award

2000 KMTV Song Award: Bonsang Award

2000 KMTV Song Award: Popular Singers Award

2001 KBS Music Award: Bonsang

2001 SBS Gayo Award: Bonsang

2001 KMTV Gayo Award: Popularity Award

2001 16th Golden Disk Awards: Bonsang

2001 12th Seoul Music Awards: Bonsang

2001 KM Music Festival: Best Male Group

2002 17th Golden Disk Awards: Disk Bonsang

2002 KM Music Festival: Best Male Group

2002 13th Seoul Music Awards: Bonsang

2003 14th Seoul Music Awards: Bonsang

2003 SBS Gayo Daegeon Awards: Bonsang

2003 18th Golden Disk Awards: Bonsang

2004 KBS Music Award: Bonsang

2004 SBS Gayo Daegeon Awards: Daesang

2004 SBS Gayo Daegeon Awards: Bonsang

2004 SBS Gayo Daegeon Awards: Music Awards

2004 15th Seoul Music Awards: Daesang

2004 15th Seoul Music Awards: Bonsang

2004 2nd Korea Fashion World Award: Singer Selection 

2004 KM Music Festival: Best Dance Performance

2004 KM Music Festival: Overseas Viewer

2004 19th Golden Disk Awards: Bonsang

2004 South Korean Image Contest Award: Most Photogenic

2004 MBC Music Awards: Bonsang

2005 MTV Asia Awards: Favorite Korean Artist

2006 KM Music Festival: Overseas Viewer Award

2006 20th Golden Disk Awards: Bonsang

2006 SBS Gayo Daejun Award: Bonsang

2006 17th Seoul Music Awards: Bonsang

2007 21st Japan Gold Disc Award: The Best Asian Artists

2007 KM Music Festival: Overseas Viewer Award

2008 22nd Golden Disk Awards: Disc Bonsang

2013 Mnet 20's Choice Awards: 20s Voice

2013 Mnet 20s Choice Awards: 20s Mwave Global Star

2015 NBC Music Show Champion Awards: Most Spectators


Shinhwa Show (2012)

All About Shinhwa from 1998 to 2008 (DVD set with clips of appearances on variety programs) [2008]

Individual Projects

Eric: Acting in K-dramas  

Minwoo: Un-Touch-Able (2003), Iind Winds (2005), Explore M (2007), M Rizing (2008)

Dongwan: Kingdongwan Is (2007), The Secret Between Us (2008), D (2015), W (2015)

Hyesung: Love of May (2005), the Beginning, New Days (2007), Live and Let Live (2008), Keep Leaves (2009), Find Voice in Song (2010), The Road Not Taken (2011), Embrace (2011), Winter Poetry (2012), Delight (2016)

Junjun: New Decade Together 4 Ever (repackage) (2008), Fascination (2009), #Real# #Real# in LA (repackage) (2015)

Andy: The First New Dream (repackaged The First Propose) (2008), Single Man (2009)



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