Shinhwa Fan Culture


Shinhwa Fan Culture


"Shinhwa Has the Best Fans on Earth? Changjo Show Their Love in Some Very Unique Ways," Accessed July 15, 2016,

Cataloged by: Crystal Anderson

Fan Name

Shinhwa Changjo

Meaning of Fan Name

Changjo means “to create,” in relation to Shinhwa, the meaning is “the creation of myth or legend”

Fan Color



Eric – 4th Dimensional Eric, Gon

Minwoo – Cool Boy, Minbong

Dongwan – Mirror Prince, Sa Oh Jung,

Hyesung – Little Prince, Sonic

Junjin – Bae Roo Chae

Andy – Dydy, Bogus

Couple Names

WooDong (Minwoo +Dongwan)

JinSung (Junjin + Hyesung)

MinDy (Minwoo + Andy)

SungMin (Hyesung + Minwoo)

RicWan (Eric + Dongwan)

RicSung (Eric + Hyesung)

SungWan (Hyesung + Dongwan)

JinWan (Jujin + Dongwan)

JinDy (Jujin + Andy)

MinJin (Minwoo + Jujin)

RicJin (Eric + Jujin)

WanDy (Dongwan + Andy)

SungDy (Hyesung + Andy)

RicDy (Eric + Andy)



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