BigBang Fan Culture


BigBang Fan Culture


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Fan Name


Meaning of Fan Name

Derived from their single BIGBANG is VIP, they named their fans VIP (Very Important Person) because they want to convey how important their fans are to the group.

Fan Color

None. Instead they have a yellow and black glowstick/cheer item.


T.O.P: Tabi, Choom Top, Bingu Top, Big Seunghyung

G-Dragon: GD, Jingyo

Seungri: VI, Victory, Ri, RiRi, Panda, Little Seunghyun, Tori

Daesung: D-Lite, Smiling Angel, Dae, Ssongi

Taeyang: Sol, Bebe, Bae, YB, Taekwon

Couple Names

GRi = G-Dragon + Seungri

GTop = G-Dragon + T.O.P

GDYB = G-Dragon + Taeyang

Dae-Ri = Daesung + Seungri

ToDae = T.O.P + Daesung

Seungwhores = T.O.P + Seungri

Unique Fan Terms

“Wonderbang” - A combination of the group Wonder Girls and BigBang describing a past collaboration on a mini-drama at the Gayo Daejun 2007 as well as a collaborative music stage.

"Soshibang"– A term derived from a mini-drama aired at the Gayo Daejun 2008 which SNSD and BigBang collaborated on.

"2NE1Bang" - A term describing the close relationship between the members of 2NE1 and BigBang.





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