Jay Park, "New Breed" (2012)


Jay Park, "New Breed" (2012)


New Breed Album Cover, Accessed September 27, 2012, http://www.kpopaus.com/august-jay-park-heats-up-asia-new-breed-asia-tour/

Cataloged by: Kaetrena Davis Kendrick.

Date of Release

February 7, 2012

Country of Release



Sidus HQ
Universal Music

Track List

1. New Breed (Intro)
2. Know Your Name (featuring Dok2)
3. Girlfriend
4. Up and Down (featuring Dok2)
5. I Love You (featuring Dynamic Duo)
6. Go
7. I Got Your Back
8. Star
9. Come On Over
10. Turn Off Your Phone
11. I Can't Be Without You (Acoustic version)
12. AOM & Illionaire (featuring The Quiett & Dok2)
13. Enjoy the Show (featuring The Quiett & Dok2)
14. Wasted (featuring Bizzy)
15. Clap (featuring Tiger JK & Tasha)

iTunes Deluxe Edition:
16. Know Your Name (Acoustic version)
17. Know Your Name (featuring Dok2 - Electronic version)
18. Know Your Name (R&B version)

CD+ DVD Special Asia Edition (Music videos):
1. Know Your Name (featuring Dok2)
2. Girlfriend
3. Star

CD Only - Japan Edition
16. I Love You (English version)
17. Know Your Name (Acoustic version)

CD+DVD - Japan Edition (Music videos):
1. Know Your Name (featuring Dok2)
2. Girlfriend
3. Star
4. Know Your Name (Acoustic version)

Red Version
16. Girlfriend (English version)
17. I Love You (English version)
18. Carefree
19. Know Your Name (English version)
20. Body2Body
21. Know Your Name (Acoustic version)
22. KL and Indonesia Promotion Tour Footage




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